When regulation means opportunity

Don't hesitate to document your Investment Policy. Reduce your operational risks. Premyss can help you to put in place governance adapted to the size of your establishment, This is an opportunity to promote your values while boosting your risk-adjusted performances.


The transparency of your investment process will help you to increase confidence between you and your clients. The new regulatory requirements (FINSA/FINIA) will not affect your productivity.


With the entry into force of the FINSA/FINIA, asset managers and financial advisers will now have to formalize and document their investment policy, and then properly apply it in the portfolios they manage.


A small private bank, an independent manager or a family office do not always have in their teams someone who can take on the role of Investment Manager (CIO). Once the correct governance is in place, there is may be the need to work closely with an outside CIO, who can regularly document the Investment Policy, according to your specific needs.


By outsourcing this function, you not only ensure rapid compliance with the new requirements but also benefit from the skills of an experienced specialist at a low cost.



Whether you are an independent manager, a family office, a private bank or a pension fund, we support you at every stage of your management process, with a complete range of tailored analysis and investment services to meet the needs of professionals.


The basis for efficient portfolio management delivering superior results is well-managed governance and a disciplined organization. Premyss in collaboration with inCompliance (www.in-compliance.ch), helps you establish a documented governance, adapted to the size of your structure and its DNA, in order to express your values while meeting the regulatory requirements. In addition, it will enable you to continue to deliver high-quality performances and guarantee appropriate communication internally and externally. Transparency will strengthen mutual trust with your clients.





Jean-Sylvain Perrig

Jean-Sylvain Perrig has more than 25 years of experience in the management of private and institutional portfolios. Previously CIO of well-known Swiss private banks, he knows perfectly well the pitfalls to be avoided and the tools to put in place to shape a good investment governance and obtain better results.


Passionate about the financial markets, he firmly believes that asset allocation is the foundation of a professional and efficient portfolio management. He is convinced that regulation and the digital revolution are going to radically transform the Wealth Management Industry.


Before founding Premyss, he was the Chief Investment Officer at Banque Privée Edmond de Rothschild and Union Bancaire Privée (UBP). Jean-Sylvain Perrig holds a Master's degree in Economics from the University of Lausanne, as well as the Federal Diploma of Financial Analyst. He is President of the Swiss Association of Financial Analysts (SFAA).



Once your investment governance is in place, you will need to document your investment policy over time. By using the service of an experienced external CIO, you will have the comfort of a clear and synthetic policy that is yours, because it relies on your inputs.


This gives you a fast, efficient and cost-effective solution to offer your clients disciplined and efficient portfolio management. You can focus entirely on your clients, with the assurance that your investment policy is tracked professionally, while setting with flexibility the mode of collaboration: from integral delegation to the asset allocation advisory, through punctual support.


Defining your investment principles is developing a real value proposition for your clients, which clarifies your approach and expresses your identity. A structured and consistent investment policy provides clear benchmarks to your entire team, who can then speak with one voice and convey them with conviction.




Discipline and transparency

We firmly believe that a disciplined approach is the only one that can deliver superior investment results over time. Coherent and rigorous, our approach maximizes the likelihood of achieving the goals you have set for yourself.

Long term orientation

We believe in the primacy of asset allocation and a long-term vision, a guarantee of quality and satisfaction. By significantly reducing the number of transactions, this approach significantly limits costs.

Independence and absence of conflicts of interest

Totally independent, we are protected from any conflict of interest. Not recommending any specific product and not receiving any retrocession, we remain totally objective and our services are thus guided only by your only interest.

Proficiency and experience

With more than 25 years of experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the characteristics of different asset classes and their interactions.

Flexibility and customization

The right investment policy is above all the one that suits you. That's why we develop an investment philosophy that reflects your culture and values, and fits your needs and internal organization.





  • Objectives & principles

  • Governance

  • Guidelines

  • Investment Universe

  • Monitoring



  • Formalization and documentation of the investment policy

  • Definition of profiles

  • Management dashboards


conduct of the investment policy

  • Macro and markets analysis

  • Meetings preparation

  • Leading of the investment comittee

  • Decisions formalization

  • Model portfolios

  • Communication and outputs