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When regulation means opportunity

Don't hesitate to document your Investment Policy. Reduce your operational risks.
Premyss can help you to put in place governance adapted to the size of your establishment. 

This is an opportunity to promote your values while boosting your risk-adjusted performance.

With the proper documentation, the excellence of your investment process will allow you to reinforce the climate of trust with your clients. The new regulatory requirements (FINSA/FINIA) will not affect your productivity.

Premyss conseil en investissement Genève, Jean-Syvain Perrig CIO Externe

Our expertise

Whether you are an independent manager, a family office, a private bank, or a pension fund,
we can support you at every stage of your investment process with a full range of analysis and
expertise tailored to your needs. We also work with a network of seasoned financial professionals.


External CIO

Portfolio analysis

Nos expertises

Who are we?

Jean-Sylvaun Perrig, fondateur et coach Premyss, CIO Externe

Jean-Sylvain Perrig,  the founder and coach 

Jean-Sylvain Perrig has more than 25 years of experience in the management of private and institutional portfolios. He has an excellent track record in asset management and private banking. He will help you improve your investment process to achieve consistent, risk-adjusted performance. There are many
pitfalls to avoiding attaining good performance.

Our values

By using the services of an experienced external CIO in your strategy committee, you can develop your investment policy and communicate it clearly and concisely to your clients and prospects.
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