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Obligations for independent asset managers

With the FinSA, asset managers and financial advisors must now document their investment
policy to understand how decisions are made
, whether it is discretionary portfolio management or


A private bank, an independent asset manager, or a family office may want to strengthen
their strategy committee without hiring a full-time person
. We can be that person as a committee
member or an external CIO, depending on the needs. This way, you have access to an external
contribution that enriches your thinking with a new member who has already had results in the past.

By outsourcing this function, you not only ensure rapid compliance with the new requirements but also benefit from the skills of an experienced specialist at a low cost.

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Why not strengthen your strategy committee?

Once your investment process is in place and documented, it's time to bring your strategy
committee to life. By using the services of a former CIO, you will have the opportunity to strengthen
your investment team and, if necessary, a credible spokesperson for your investment policy.

This provides you with a fast, efficient, and cost-effective solution for providing your clients with
quality portfolio management. You can determine the mode of collaboration according to your
needs: from punctual accompaniment to the delegation of the investment policy and its

Defining and documenting your investment process means developing a true value proposition for
your clients. It also reinforces your corporate identity. A consistent and structured investment policy
also helps to strengthen the cohesion of portfolio management within your institution.

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