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CIO Externe, Premyss, investissement

Our expertise

External CIO

We know that there is not one solution which is right for everyone. That's why we offer an à-la-carte consulting service, with different degrees of involvement on your part.


You can delegate to us the entire process including the preparation, investment committee management and communication, or prefer a more participative mode, in which we jointly develop your investment policy, or remain exclusively in control, taking all the decisions yourself based on our recommendations.

Our process

Definition of your investment policy

It is about determining the steps that make up your investment process. It is desirable, for example,
to establish the responsibilities of each function, the organization of information flows, and their
interpretation. This will help determine asset allocations. Implementation is also an important step
that needs to be defined. Defining or reviewing the investment universe and risk profiles is

necessary. Finally, choosing a communication mode and setting up the monitoring indicators are

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